A History Of Templeshanbo Parish

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The ancient Church of Templeshanbo was founded by Saint Aedan who gave it to Saint Coleman Ua Fiachra (The founder of Kilmacduagh). Saint Colman died in the first half of the 7th Century. An account in the Martyology of Donegal states that he was Abbot of the Monastery of Templeshanbo in Hy Kinsellagh where he was interred.

Of this ancient Church only a fragment remains, a portion of the semi-circular headed door-way in the Western gable and a stone font. Shanbo river divides the two ancient burial grounds and if you stand on it's banks you have a perfect view of both grave yards and the present Church of Ireland Church.

The very fine Church of Ireland Church of Templeshanbo was built in 1850 by means of a a loan of 923-1-6 1/2 from the late board of First Fruits and the sum of 276-18-5 1/2 was raised by parochial assessment. The Church was enlarged in 1826 by means of a further loan of 300 from the board of First Fruits.

A commission set up some years ago to assess the value and architectural interest of all Church of Ireland Churches recommended that owning to the size and design of the East window of Templeshanbo Church it should be preserved. It has seating for 300, the present attendance being 170.

Cannon Smythe was the last resident Rector in Templeshanbo.

The records of Templeshanbo date back to

Thr Reverands Of The Church
  • 1616  -  Rev. Thomas Bennes
  • 1628  -  Rev. John Thompson
  • 1660  -  Rev. John Watson
  • 1665  -  Rev. John Jones
  • 1668  -  Rev. Michael
  • 1681  -  Rev. Myles Sweeney
  • 1690  -  Rev. Nathaniel Huson
  • 1878  -  Rev. John Willam
  • 1892  -  Rev. Henry Kyle Atkinson
  • 1914  -  Rev. William Benson
  • 1926  -  Rev. William Machette
  • 1931  -  Rev. Thomas William Lowe
  • 1934  -  Rev. Thomas Bateman
  • Monthly Services
                                1st Sunday            11:30am       MP

                                2nd Sunday           10:00am       MP

                                3rd Sunday            10:00am       HC

                                4th Sunday            10:00am       MP

                                5th Sunday Contact Rector For Arrangements