A History Of Rossdroit Parish

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Rossdroit was a place of worship as early as 1302. In that year it was reported that Reginald De Dene held a Knight's Fee in Rosdroyghy as the area was then called, and mention of Rossdroit can also be found in Lewis's Dictionary (Ros Droichead - the wood of the bridge) and also in the Down Survey - Ros Drehid.

Around that time a Roman Catholic Church was built at Rossdroit and, according to Grattan Flood's History of Wexford, it was dedicated to the Blessed Virgin. It was the property of the nuns of Timolin-Beg until it was taken over by the Protestant Community in 1570. In 1581 it was granted to Sir Henry Harrington for ever, at an annual rent of 10-8-8.

In 1619, however, the parish and surrounding lands were given to Henry Perse and during the Federation of Kilkenny, the church was once again used by the Catholic population of the area. The church was subsequently burned by Cromwellian troops and in 1667, under the Act of Settlement and explanation, the lands were incorporated and assigned to the incumbant of Rossdroit and Templescobin, Rev. John Jones.
The existing Church of Ireland at Rossdroit was built in 1796 with the imposing tower to the front of the church being constructed in 1830, after the original one was considered dangerous and removed.

The remains of the old Roman Catholic church are still to be seen with sections of the west and east gable walls still a feature of historical importance, according to a Dr. O'Donovan of the 1840's, the church was 53' in length and 20'6" wide, with the walls measuring 3' 10" in thickness. It was constructed of large stones, irregularly laid, and cemented with lime and coarse mortar.

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